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This is why we do       
    what we do.

"Aida brings professionalism, enthusiasm, and years of knowledge to the table. She excels at motivating and training my staff in pursuit of achieving both of our ultimate goals. She is an invaluable asset to both her team and mine."

-Department Business Administrator, University of Mississippi Medical Center

"Why Aida Marquez and Medical Consults? Over the years I've worked with many medical consultants that have promised to bring change to a practice, increase cash flow and grow "the bottom line", but I'd never met one like Aida Marquez. To put it simply, Aida loves what she does. I can't call what she does her job, because to her it's not a job, its a love of the revenue cycle. She love the rules, the processes, the regional variances, all the fine points and her ability to insure that since you've put in the time and effort to treat your patients you might a well be paid the maximum the law allows. So, since my name and reputation is attached to every recommendation I make, when my clients need help claim declination, coding...anything that has to do with the revenue cycle, my recommendation is Aida."

- Sr. Partner, Strategic Advisory Board

"Can't say enough good things about Aida. Wonderfully informed, curious, and totally dedicated to helping docs code and bill correctly for the benefit of the practice as a whole. Love working with her and enjoy our interactions very much. So nice to work with a lovely person and a consummate professional. Highly recommend her services and happy to provide a reference any time a prospective partner wants additional color on our successful projects. Two thumbs up and a huge amount of gratitude for her teaching me how to understand and leverage medical coding and billing."

- CEO & Founder, 20Lighter

"Aida is a fantastic resource on all types of coding, billing, legal and project issues. She is a "go to" person who can be depended on to respond back to you promptly and work with you on your question, concern and/or project. I highly recommend Aida and miss working with her."

- Director of Product Management, Interos Inc

"Aida's knowledge of medical operations and CPT coding is invaluable to the team at Acustream. Revenue Cycle expertise aids in the success of the company's customers everyday. I would definitely recommend Aida's work to anyone interested in medical operations consultation."

-Head of Client Services, Acustream

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