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Over all Practice Management:


Revenue cycle evaluation

We enhance the revenue for the practice by putting processes in place i.e. contract reviews, fee schedule and review complete practice operations.

Remote help:

    - Verification of benefits

    - Authorizations for Radiology, Labs, Surgeries – This allows the practice to       focus on internal processes.

    - Auditing for corrective coding

    - Coding surgeries, office visits, etc…

    - Collections on outstanding claims

    - Code mapping / charge slip evaluations

    - Credentialing of Physicians  

    - Maintaining credentialing updates for physicians and groups



We audit the practice charts to make sure the documentation supports the procedure codes and the diagnosis codes. We review all documentation for any compliance issues and also put processes in place to maximize the reimbursement while staying with rules and regulations.

Practice Management:


We evaluate the practice to see what your needs are. We speak to the physician/CFO and get a better understanding of what the practice needs. We act as the practice manager during the clean-up process. We work with the departments to increase revenue while decreasing cost.



We train the staff on billing, coding and collections, anything that pertains to the collection process. How to speak to the insurance company to collect all monies due. We train the coding staff to understand all the specificity of ICD-10 and how the correct diagnosis eliminates denials.


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